Knit cute things

I love to knit and this is a blog about my work


12 thoughts on “Knit cute things

  1. I have looked for day for a pattern for a shrug for a size 7 little girl she just wants long sleeve not flowing and about 7″ long on her back I find bollero styles or shrugs for babies. I have never knitted clothing before I hope you can help me.

  2. The link is not working but I have an idea about what you want to make.
    It is easy ,you just have to decide if you want any pattern in it!

  3. stockinet with a bit of a line in it just not sure on how many to cast on an how long to go i do have her measurements from momma. Im not a computer person so to I do not know how to cut and paste.

  4. wrists 5 inches, elbow 7 inches bicep 7 inches shoulder to shoulder 13 inches
    finger tip to finger tip 47 inches 7 inches long down her back

  5. Thank you I appreciate it very much To please Little Miss. Kate would geive me great satisfaction Thank you for all yout help. From one small business person to another one I always try to go out of my way to help my cutstomers as well.

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